“a Manifestation to the senses of something immaterial”

Vision is the unifying theme that ties all avenues of exploration within Reticence. This allows different mediums of expression while binding the different streams of thought together.

My work is an attempt to catch parts of a vision that occurs in my subconscious mind. a Laborious effort and journey to succeed in the pursuit to visualize parts, and the eventual whole of what I feel drives my actions, emotions, and perspective in external reality that originates in the seemingly immaterial realm.

I strive to construct geometric, organic, and crystalline forms that symbolize and capture the complexity and fluid geometry in a contained and orderly form to be further documented, inspected, and deconstructed. Akin to a sample of a larger organism being viewed under a microscope, my work is but a part of an ever-expanding complex mass.

These forms symbolize but a fraction of the animated whole that seems to occur within the mind. These animated energies seem to be the source that gives coherence to memories, emotion, and projections and yet feels as if they do not originate from within the mind, but rather from some external space outside the body, with an agency.

My work attempts to symbolize, abstract, and point towards that which is underneath consciousness through the palette of form, color, value, and varying materials. This pursuit comes from a simple and yet ancient philosophical question... what is consciousness and where does it come from...

It is not my intention to answer this question, only to explore its strange and wonderous avenues of possibility. To dive into the mind’s rich internal world beyond the veil, and to bring back and share what I see and experience, with no need for conclusive answers. I invite the viewer to engage that same part of themselves and acknowledge the strangeness of what it means to be human, what it means to be alive and conscious.