An exploration of wood in all its forms, ‘Woodwork’ has been curated to encapsulate the diversity of the natural medium, with limited edition pieces produced by 24 of the country’s most recognized names in design. The exhibition will reflect the natural sensibility of the material, while also showcasing its immense diversity. ‘While some of our designers use the medium in very traditional ways, others tackle it with innovation and technological processes that uniquely highlight its organic qualities,’ says gallery co-founder Trevyn McGowan. ‘It’s fascinating how wood can be shaped and altered so that an art created by nature is enhanced by the art of the designer.’ Says designer James Mudge, whose work will be on exhibition: ‘I enjoy knowing that the designs I create are strong enough to last as long – if not longer – than the time it took for the timber to grow. This is a very important part of what I do, especially considering the value of the natural resources that we use.’

Woodwork is the third exhibition at Southern Guild’s new Cape Town gallery, and runs from 5 June to 30 September.